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CMMS - Maintenance Management 

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 Proactive Maintenance Management - CMMS

The health and condition of your fleet has a direct bearing on operational efficiency, and your bottom-line.  Maintenance management should be an organizational priority.  When asset maintenance fails to receive enough attention, neglect often follows.  This, in turn, often leads to very costly repairs, and excessive downtime.  It is far more efficient to change crankcase oil and filters at recommended intervals, than to spend many thousands of dollars to replace an engine that has seized.

With FLEETMATE CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), the emphasis is on proactive, preventive maintenance.  This leads to higher operational efficiency, and lower costs.

FLEETMATE  CMMS is a software tool to help you do just that... establish an efficient, effective preventive maintenance program by using your computer to handle the details.

 Automated Maintenance Scheduling

FLEETMATE CMMS maintenance management software takes the guesswork out of maintenance scheduling.  FLEETMATE enables you to schedule regular recurring maintenance tasks in advance, and in accordance with your business requirements, and manufacturer's recommendations.

This automated scheduling capability helps you minimize the inconvenience and costs associated with asset downtime.  This way, preventive maintenance is performed on time, every time.  This keeps your vehicles and equipment safe to operate, more reliable, and in peak operating condition.  And it minimizes unexpected, costly breakdowns.  

 Asset Maintenance History

Easily accessible maintenance history is essential information whenever an asset requires service.  A fleet technician benefits when they have easy access to prior service history.  This gives the technician a full understanding of all prior service activities, and can help can identify root-causes when repeated failures have occurred.

That's why FLEETMATE CMMS maintenance management software makes service history readily available.  Any time a work order is printed, you have the option of printing service history, technical specifications and capacities, and NHTSA recalls right along with the work order.  Easy and Convenient.

 Comprehensive Fuel Consumption Data

For motor vehicle fleets, fuel is one of the largest contributors to your operating costs.  And monitoring trends in fuel economy can help identify maintenance issues early on.

Our CMMS maintenance management software features a comprehensive fuel log for each motor vehicle.  FLEETMATE accommodates not only date, odometer, volume, and cost, but also features:

  • Fuel Dealer
  • Fuel Brand
  • State/Province Where the Fuel was Purchased
  • Octane / Fuel Type (Diesel, CNG, Ethanol, etc.)
  • Account
  • Driver

FLEETMATE CMMS also features a Daily Fuel Entry Worksheet to make it quick and easy to enter fuel transaction data for all assets in your entire fleet... using just one Window.

Lastly, if your drivers use fuel cards when fueling, the FLEETMATE Fuel Import Manager can be used to import delimited text fuel transaction data from essentially any fuel card vendor.  Quick and Easy.

 Maximize Asset Availability

FLEETMATE CMMS helps you become proactive with preventive  maintenance to keep your fleet assets properly maintained, in-service, and ready for business. 
 Ensure Safety & Regulatory Compliance

FLEETMATE CMMS gives you comprehensive fleet maintenance & service history in easy to use reports.  No more searching through file cabinets for service records.    
 Reduce Maintenance Costs

FLEETMATE CMMS gives you PM Reminders when maintenance is due.  So you avoid costly breakdowns and extensive repairs due to neglected vehicles and equipment. 
 Extend Asset Life

Proper, consistent preventive fleet maintenance helps you extend the useful life of your vehicles and other fleet equipment.  This also helps ensure maximum resale value.
 Improve Operational Efficiency

With FLEETMATE CMMS you can reduce your use of paper.  This reduces the effort to prepare, update, and retrieve physical documents, and avoids misplaced information.
 Accurate Fleet Data 24/7

Respond quickly to inquiries with timely, accurate fleet service and expense information.  With FLEETMATE CMMS, fleet information is at your fingertips.

FLEETMATE CMMS software is used by a variety of
private businesses and government agencies.
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