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SCB Consulting, LLC ("SCB") is a privately-held Delaware limited liability company (c/o Agents for Delaware Corporations, Inc., 15 W. Loockerman Street, P.O. Box 841, Dover DE 19904).
SCB was founded in 1998 as an IT consulting business, focusing on software design.  In 2004, we began developing FLEETMATE, and in 2005 FLEETMATE was released commercially.  FLEETMATE became an instant 'hit' with oganizations searching for powerful, economical maintenance management software.  Over the years, FLEETMATE has become our single focus.
The daily operations at SCB focus on the two most critical areas for continued success:
  1. Customer Care
  2. Continued Development of the FLEETMATE product.

FLEETMATE is a product that was designed, developed, and is supported by SCB Consulting, LLC in the United States of America. 

Our Philosophy

Our fleet maintenance management software is built and supported with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Honesty and Goodwill - Every business has different objectives, requirements and expectations.  If FLEETMATE cannot deliver the features that YOUR business needs, we'll tell you.  Period.
  • Transparency - You don't need to enter your name, phone number and/or email address just to download and try FLEETMATE.  Just click the download link and go.  And there's no mystery or uncertainty in terms of product pricing.  Pricing is prominently displayed in our FLEETMATE Product Brochure and on the Pricing page of the FLEETMATE Website.
  • Simplicity and Purpose - We like the "Don't make me think" philosophy.  Every feature in FLEETMATE has a purpose.  If a proposed idea doesn't add to the value of FLEETMATE, making your job quicker and easier, it doesn't get in.
  • The Focus is on Your Data - FLEETMATE is a tool that focuses on fleet maintenance data.  The objective is to help you utilize your fleet maintenance information quickly and easily.  That's the point.  We minimize unnecessary buttons and clicks, and avoid confusing on-screen clutter -- distracting things that get between you and your data.  With FLEETMATE your data is out-front, and easily accessible.
  • Adaptability - FLEETMATE accommodates your business needs based on your business practices and requirements.  YOU define values that follow terminology that's meaningful and familiar to your fleet operation.  YOU define your preventive maintenance intervals following your fleet maintenance requirements... not someone else's.
  • Quality - FLEETMATE has been designed and developed by experienced professionals to give you the effective, reliable results you expect.  From initial installation, to setup and daily use, we want your use of FLEETMATE to be a smooth, positive, confidence building experience.
  • Value - FLEETMATE is low-cost fleet maintenance management software.  But there's no skimping on functionality.  You'll find some features in FLEETMATE that just aren't found in other similar products, regardless of price.  That's because we listen to our customers, and their needs and expectations.  You get a comprehensive feature set... without the high-price.  
  • Knowledgeable Support - Every support call is different.  We listen to you and to your description of the issue.  Then we'll explain how to achieve the results you need and expect.
  • Evolution - FLEETMATE has evolved quite a bit since 2005, based largely on valuable feedback from you, our customer.  And this evolutionary process continues.  New features and productivity enhancements will continue to be added to FLEETMATE as time passes.

Thank you for visiting our Website and for your interest in FLEETMATE.

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