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Maintenance Management Software

 Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software is Essential
 Why FLEETMATE? - Great Extended Features

Below you will find a listing of some of the major features in our FLEETMATE fleet maintenance management software.

FLEETMATE is 100% FREE to try for 30 days.  You can determine first-hand whether FLEETMATE meets your business requirements, prior to purchase.

Asset Life-CycleAsset Life-Cycle 
  From fleet asset acquisition to disposal, FLEETMATE gives you the data you need to maximize value and to minimize expenses.
 Fleet PM Reminders PM Reminders
  FLEETMATE reminds you when it's time to service your fleet assets.  So you'll know everything that's due... with just one mouse click.
Fleet DOT InspectionsCompliance
No stress searching for lost receipts during regulatory inspections.  FLEETMATE gives you a report of all service  activities. Quick & Easy.
Fuel Logging Fuel Logging
  Capture fuel cost, volume, and meter values. Fully integrated to keep odometer values up to date, and PM scheduled properly. 
Work OrdersWork Orders 
  Comprehensive, easy to use work orders.  With FLEETMATE you'll know the what, where, when, why, and how much it cost.
Record driving history, contact information, and setup handy reminders for driver training, certifications, & license renewals.
Parts InventoryParts Inventory
  Fully integrated with work orders.  It tracks qty available, cost, low-stock, reorder qty, cross-referencing, and features barcode support.  
Fleet Maintenance Software Reports 
  Maintenance history, repair costs, fuel stats, inspections, asset lists and much more!  You can quickly preview a report, print it, and/or email it.  
Fuel Data Integration Fuel Integration
If your drivers use fuel cards, the optional Fuel Import Manager can eliminate the need for manual data entry. Quick & Convenient.
Sample Work Order Sample Invoice Sample SMS Notice
 iPhone Reminder
 Why Use Maintenance Management Software?

Essential to the success of most any business is the proper care and maintenance of its assets.  Your assets may include motor vehicles, trailers, office equipment, material handling equipment, as well as many other powered tools, machines, and industrial and heavy equipment.

Ensuring that those assets are properly maintained, available when needed, comply with regulatory requirements, safe for your operators to use, and economical to own and operate is essential for...

  • Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Reducing Costly Downtime and Repairs
  • Meeting Safety and Compliance Requirements
  • Improving your Bottom-Line

Trying to manage preventive maintenance (PM) with pen and paper, or by using spreadsheets, is time consuming.  And that's time that would be better spent on the core competencies of your business.

Without a structured maintenance management software product to manage and enforce preventive maintenance scheduling, it is inevitable that critical service activities will be overlooked.  That leads to unexpected failures, expensive downtime, and costly repairs.

The Solution:  FLEETMATE Maintenance Management Software.

 Why FLEETMATE? - It's Easy to Use

FLEETMATE fleet maintenance management software offers many powerful maintenance management features.  But unless the software is intuitive and easy to use, staff will be reluctant to use it.

Ever look at a piece of software that leaves you asking, "Ok, now what?"  That's precisely why we've designed FLEETMATE with a clean yet functional user-interface.  You won't find unnecessary buttons and other on-screen clutter that can lead to user confusion, uncertainty and frustration.

   Fleet Maintenance Management Software - FLEETMATE The #1 Rule in FLEETMATE - Right-Click!

With FLEETMATE fleet maintenance management software, we put your data right out front, easy to access with a simple right-click.  You'll get the hang of it in minutes!  

 Why FLEETMATE? - It's Comprehensive

Even though our fleet maintenance management software is simple to use, we haven't skimped on features.  In FLEETMATE, the focal point is maintenance management.  That includes preventive maintenance, repair history, and expense data for all of your vehicles and equipment.

Our fleet maintenance management software fully supports itemizing each service activity.  This includes the time spent, labor cost, and who performed the work... either a technician at your shop, or a vendor.  Plus multiple shop technicians and multiple vendors, all at different billing rates, are all supported within the context of each work order.

Similarly, itemizing replacement parts, used in the course of service, is fully supported within the context of each work order.  Parts records include part number, description, quantity, cost, and selling price.

If you stock replacement parts/supplies, the inventory tracking feature in FLEETMATE is fully integrated with work orders.  Low-stock point, reorder quantity, and markups are featured.

The inventory tracking module also features barcode support, material cross-referencing, and a flexible pick-list dialog to help you quickly find the part you need.

 Why FLEETMATE? - Value

Compare the features in FLEETMATE to other fleet maintenance management software products.  Then compare the price.  We offer cost-effective licensing for small to mid-sized operations.  And we offer a corporate site license for larger organizations and government agencies with many departments and locations, and hundreds or many thousands of fleet assets.

Bottom Line:  No matter how large or small your company or government agency, you can enjoy effective fleet maintenance management software at a price that makes sense.


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