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 Fleet Maintenance Software Features

FLEETMATE Fleet Maintenance Management Software
offers a wide-range of great features.  Try it FREE Today!
Sample data is included, and our Instructional Videos
 will help you get started using FLEETMATE.


Basic Features Work Orders / Invoices
  Use MS JET or SQL Server
U.S., U.K., or Metric
NHTSA Recall Lookup
VIN Validation
WYSIWYG Report Viewer   
Integrated E-Mail 
40 Customer Defined Fields 
Multi-User Security 
Import / Export CSV Data 
Work Orders  
Barcode Support 
Parts Cross-Referencing
Warranty Detection
Auto Order Numbering
Auto Tax Calculation
Auto Shop Supplies Fee
Integrated Recall Campaigns 
Preventive Maintenance Fuel, Tires, & Inventory
  Customer Defined PM 
Automatic PM Reminders
Track by Usage, Time, Both
Unlimited PM Tasks
Unlimited PM Templates
On-Screen Status Gauges
E-Mail PM Reminders  
Fuel Logging 
MPG and Expense Graphs 
Tire Tracking 
Replacement Parts Inventory 
FIFO, LIFO, or Avg Cost 
Inventory Cross-Referencing 
Inventory Parts Kits 
Vendors & Personnel Optional Add-Ons
  Employee Driving History
Employee Training History 
License/CDL Renewals
Vendor Records
Report Designer  
Fuel Import Manager 

Comprehensive Data

Year, VIN, Make, Model, Style, Purchase Meter, Current Meter, Default Operator, Department, Location, Veh No, Unit No, Tag/Plate No, and more.
Extended Topics:
  • Purchase
  • Disposal
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Inspection
  • Emissions
  • Journal and Notes
  • Capacities
  • Extended Warranty
  • Engine/Chassis Specs 

  Windows Compatibility

Some Sample Screenshots


Inventory Status Dialog

Work Order

Operating Cost Report


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