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All options below are network compatible.

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 FLEETMATE Office License  

      Select Your Fleet Size Prod ID Full Price 

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Up to 50 Assets FMO50 $999.95   Order Page - FLEETMATE Office 50 License
Up to 100 Assets FMO100 $1999.95   Order Page - FLEETMATE Office 100  License
No Fixed Limit FMO $2499.95*   Order Page - Office Unlimited License

For small to mid-sized businesses with multiple network users. Choose your fleet size, and install and use as many copies of FLEETMATE Standard Edition as you need at your business for one fixed price. Sample database is included.  Includes a license to use the Report Designer and Work Order Retrieval options at no charge.

 FLEETMATE  Individual User License

      Select Your Fleet Size Prod ID Price Ea. 

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Up to 50 Assets FM50 $399.95   Order Page - FLEETMATE 50
Up to 100 Assets FM100 $599.95   Order Page - FLEETMATE 100
No Fixed Limit FM $799.95*   Order Page - FLEETMATE Unlimited Vehicles
For small to mid-sized businesses. One (1) registration key (license) is required for each network user. Can be installed on a stand-alone PC, or networked. Microsoft Jet database is included.

 FLEETMATE Optional Add-Ons

      Product Description Prod ID Price Ea.

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Report Designer FMRD $399.95 

 Order Page - Report Designer

For creating your own custom reports.
*FREE with any Office or Enterprise License.
Work Order Retrieval   FMWOR $399.95 

 Order Page - Work Order Retrieval

For shop personnel that need fast access to existing work orders.
*FREE with any Office or Enterprise License.
Fuel Import Manager   FMFIM $499.95 

 Order Page - Fuel Import Manager

Import data from virtually any fuel card company.
 *FREE with any Enterprise License.

 FLEETMATE Enterprise License  

      Max Power & Capacity Prod ID Full Price 

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Enterprise Edition FMEE $4999.95*   Order Page - Enterprise License
Annual Support    What's This? FMSUP
Auto Recurring
$999.95   Order Page - Enterprise Annual Support
Annual Support    What's This? FMSUPNR
$999.95   Order Page - Enterprise Annual Support

For businesses with any number of vehicles, any number of users, any number of locations, and/or that prefer the additional power and capacity of a SQL Server database. SQL Server must already exist or must be purchased separately. *ALL optional FLEETMATE Add-ons are included at no additional charge.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

 Order Processing 

W-9 Form

SWREG, Inc processes all FLEETMATE orders. All orders are initiated online.

All software is made available via DOWNLOAD.

If you are located in
CO, GA, IA, IL, MN, NE, or UT, taxes will be collected on your order.
FAX your Certificate of Exemption form with your Order Number to 952-646-5604. The sales tax will be refunded within five(5) business days after receipt of your FAX.

License Agreement 

This document covers Terms of Use and the Agreement governing your license to use FLEETMATE. 

Ordering Tips 

A PO cannot be used to initiate an order.
You must click one of the purchase buttons, and complete the online form. This will establish your pending order, and will provide you with an Order Reference Number and Remittance Address.
Please be sure to PRINT YOUR ORDER and note your Reference Number on your check.
When using a credit card, please ensure that your Name, Address and Phone Number matches the information that your card issuer has on file for you.

Once your payment is received, you will receive your Registration Key via E-Mail. Please be sure to include a valid email address on your order form. 

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