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"Invalid Command Specified" Message Appears Sending Email


The message "Invalid Command Specified" appears when you attempt to email a Work Order, an Invoice, or a Report.

This type of message indicates that the SMTP server returned an error to FLEETMATE, meaning that the user's email was rejected by the server.  Some email systems require that the Outgoing E-Mail Address match the E-Mail Address used for authentication.

  • Verify that the Outgoing E-Mail Address matches the E-Mail Address used for authentication, as illustrated in the screenshot below.


You may need to consult with IT personnel at your company for the correct SMTP Server value (or IP address), and the correct Port value to use.
TLS is typically required for port 587.  Similarly, if port 465 is being used, Implicit SSL is typically required.  Consult with your IT personnel for additional information.
All of the above settings follow each user's Windows account, and are independent of the FLEETMATE database that is in use.

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