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 Affordable, Powerful, and Easy to Use
  • When is PM due for vehicle number 123?
  • What were my Fleet Costs for 2Q20?
  • Is it time to retire a vehicle?
  • When was vehicle 123 last serviced?

With FLEETMATE, answers to these types of questions are at your fingertips. Try it FREE today.

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Now you can make reliable, on-time PM a reality at your business.

Become PROACTIVE with FLEETMATE!  It gives you PM reminders based on service intervals that you define.  You'll see the reminders on-screen, and you can send PM reminders via email.  With a couple mouse clicks a reminder is completed, and the next reminder is automatically scheduled for you!

No more panic trying to locate paper service receipts, or wading through a cumbersome spreadsheet trying to find fleet information.

With FLEETMATE, you'll have organized records of all service activities on all of your fleet vehicles and equipment.  Access data right on-screen.  Or easily run reports to give you the information you need.


Comprehensive work orders, invoices, and over 100 pre-designed reports.

You can itemize each service activity that was performed, and each part that was replaced.  You also get over 100 built-in reports that include topics such as maintenance, parts, fuel, personnel info, replacement parts inventory, vendor info, and more.

If your reporting needs are specialized, you can create your own custom reports using the FLEETMATE Report Designer.  So you can extend the reporting capability of FLEETMATE at any time.







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