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HOW TO: Copy A Database To A Different PC Or File Server

As a default, your FLEETMATE database file is named "FLEETMATE.fdb", and it's default location is the  "C:\Users\Public\FLEETMATE" folder on your local disk.
If you need to move your database file to a different PC, or if you want to store your database file on a file server for shared access, please follow the steps below:
1 - Copy your FLEETMATE.fdb database from your original PC, to a storage device, such as a USB thumbdrive.
2 - Copy the FLEETMATE.fdb database file from your USB thumbdrive to the "C:\Users\Public\FLEETMATE" folder on your new PC, or into a folder of your choice on a file server.
Important Notes:
1 - The above process will replace the existing database file (if it exists), so be certain that the database that you are overwriting does not contain any data that you need to preserve.
2 - If you are moving your database file to a file server, set Windows permissions to grant Full Control to the folder on your server where you are storing your database file. Each user will also need to open the database file from its new location on your server using the File | Database | Open... menu function.  Each FLEETMATE user will need to do this one-time so that the new location will be remembered between sessions.

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