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HOW TO: Handle An Odometer Replacement

Each vehicle in FLEETMATE offers one (1) odometer field.  When you replace an odometer on a vehicle, all of its prior fuel, work order history, and scheduled reminders will remain set based on prior odometer values. You will most likely want to maintain this prior history with prior odometer values, so that you can refer to it and report against it.  
To handle this situation, you need to preserve all prior history, but restart new activity with an odometer value of zero. Therefore, you will need to first change the VIN of the vehicle to a unique value, then retire the vehicle. You will then re-add the vehicle to your database with the actual VIN (and same vehicle number), and set its current odometer to one (1). Lastly, apply the relevant task template(s) to the vehicle so that new reminders are created based on the new odometer sequence, beginning at one (1).

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