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HOW TO:  Customize Reminder E-Mail Message Format

When you click the E-Mail Reminders button on the Reminders window, a default message format is used for the outgoing reminder alerts. You can customize these messages using a series of replacement variables on the
Reminders tab on the Company Information and Settings... dialog.

The following is additional information that you can follow to re-format your reminder E-Mail messages.

Subject Line - up to 80 characters of text
Message Line #1 - up to 80 characters of literal text
Message Line #2 - up to 80 characters of literal text
Asset Identifier - up to 80 characters including the following UPPER-CASE variables
Variable Name Information that will be displayed
$VEHNO Vehicle Number
$TAGNO Tag Number
$UNITNO Unit Number
$VIN Vehicle Identification Number or Asset Serial Number
$CUST External Customer Name (if defined)
$DEPT Department
$LOC Location
$DRIVER Driver Name (if defined)
$VEHDESC Vehicle Description (see below)
Asset Description - up to 80 characters including the following UPPER-CASE variables
$YEAR Year of manufacture
$MAKE Make or manufacturer
$MODEL Model
$STYLE Type/Style

Note that all variables begin with a dollar sign ($), and all variables must be entered in UPPER-CASE characters. The variable $VEHDESC will contain the values defined in the Asset Description field.

Example Asset Description:  $YEAR $MAKE $MODEL
Example Output:

Example Asset Identifier: Veh No: $VEHNO   Tag No: $TAGNO   Desc: $VEHDESC
Example Output:            Veh No:
Tag No: J615288   Desc: 2012 FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY

In the above examples, the colored text represents the three (3) variables and the data returned from your database for each variable. You can mix variables and literal text values including spaces.

Resetting All Default Values:
If you want to return to all default values, blank out all five (5) of the above fields on the Reminders tab and click OK. Next run a database repair (File | Database | Utilities | Repair...).

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