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HOW TO:  Use a FLEETMATE Database Backup Copy

As you exit FLEETMATE, by default it will make a backup copy of your database file. Also by default the backup directory path will be set to
C:\Users\Public\FLEETMATE\Backup. This path can be adjusted under Options | Preferences... to an alternate path, as long as the new path is NOT the same as that used by your live database. When you exit the software, FLEETMATE makes a copy of your live database, appends a date/time-stamp to the end of the file name, and stores the copy in the specified backup folder.

A database backup copy will look like:


  1. FLEETMATE.fdb is your database name

  2. .20060701 is the date (yyyymmdd) the copy was made

  3. -113233 is the time the copy was made

Locating the Most Recent Backup Copy:
The date/time-stamp represents the date/time that the backup copy was made, NOT the last time the file was updated internally. This enables you to distinguish between these two criteria. Use the Date/Time-stamp to locate your most recent backup copy. The greater the serialized time value, the later it was in the day.
Replace the Damaged database with your most recent backup:
You should NEVER open and use a backup copy as-is...
You must first rename the backup copy to what your actual database is currently named, then place the renamed backup copy into the appropriate folder. This process involves simply removing the date/time-stamp from the end if the filename. Once this is done, you can use this file to replace (overwrite) your damaged database file.

When you restart FLEETMATE, you will see the prior contents of the database at the time it was last backed up.

Maintaining these simple backup copies of your database does NOT eliminate the need to perform daily archival backups of your database, to removable media such as magnetic tape or CD-R/RW. Any server that contains your FLEETMATE database should always be configured to run daily backups. Having backups on external media will protect you in the event of a hard disk failure.

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