Release Notes:    

Recent Software Changes

VERSION 1.8.143 - JUN 2019 
- Printed Work Order - Style #2:
Changed Work Order Style #2 to support pagination for lengthy work orders containing many parts and/or labor lines.  Work Order Style #1 remains designed to produce a single-page work order.
Enhancement - Options | Preferences... - User Interface Tab:
For customers that choose to use Work Order Style #2, there is now an option to over-ride the limit on labor lines (22) and parts line (34).
Enhancement - Asset/Vehicle Window - Window Redesign:
We have redesigned the Asset window (Vehicles/Equipment) to be more compact and logical in terms of the fields presented.
Enhancement - Asset/Vehicle Window - Body Field:
We have added a "Body:" field to the asset window.  This will enable you to use the combination of the Type field with the new Body to better describe the asset.
Enhancement - Asset/Vehicle Window - VIN Decode:
When adding a motor vehicle, FLEETMATE will now attempt to decode the 17 character VIN and automatically set the Year, Make, Model, Type, and Body Style.   To use this function, enter the VIN, then press the [Tab] key on your keyboard.  If the VIN Decode was successful, focus will automatically move to the Ownership field.  If the VIN Decode was not successful, focus will move to the Year field.  This functionality is only active when adding a new vehicle.
Correction - Work Order Print Preview - Last-Used Printer:
FLEETMATE will now remember your last used printer between sessions as expected.    
VERSION 1.8.142 - 22 APR 2019 
- FLEETMATE Reminders Window - Asset PM and Asset Admin Tabs:
The FLEETMATE Reminders window now features three (3) tabs: Fleet Asset PM, Fleet Asset Admin, and Personnel.  This was done to break-out administrative type reminders (registration renewal, insurance renewal, etc.) from Preventive Maintenance (PM) type reminders.
Enhancement - Main Window Columns - Category Column:
You may now use the Work Order tab under Options | Main Window Columns... and select the Category field as a displayed column.  You can then sort, resize, and reposition the Category column as you would any other column under the Work Orders tab on the Mail Window.  If you were using an earlier release of FLEETMATE and you do not see TX_CATEGORY listed, click the  Refresh button to refresh the Work Order tab.
Enhancement - Inventory - Core Charge:
You may now specify a core charge on each part in Inventory.  This information will be carried over to parts lines on work orders.
Enhancement - Parts Line - Core Charge:
You may now specify a core charge on each parts line on a work order.  If the part is being issued from Inventory. this information will be carried over to the parts line on a work order.  In the case of a non-stock part, you will determine whether a core charge should be set.
Enhancement - Work Order - New Form Layout:
A Work Order in FLEETMATE has been redesigned to produce a one-page printed form.  The work order window will now support up to 22 labor lines, and up to 34 parts lines in keeping with this one-page approach to work order printing.  
Enhancement - Work Order - Choose from Two Different Work Order Forms:
On the Reports tab under Options | Preferences... you may now specify the 'default' work order form you plan to use.  One work order features a landscape format, the other features a portrait orientation. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Print Preview Option:
When printing a work order from the Work Order window may now choose to use the 'default' work order, or to choose an alternate work order form.  Both are included in FLEETMATE.
Enhancement - Work Order - Customer Invoice Options:
Added "Call When Ready", "Deliver", and Retain Parts" check boxes on the work order dialog to support these items on a customer Invoice.
Enhancement - Work Order - Blank Work Order:
Redesigned the Blank Work Order in FLEETMATE to better accommodate hand-written information.
Enhancement - Vehicle Record - Acct No:
Added an Account Number to each vehicle record per numerous customer requests.
Enhancement - Options | Preferences... | Mail Tab:
Added a 'peek' function on the Password field under SMTP settings.  In the event the user is unsure of the password that was entered, clicking the 'eye' icon will momentarily reveal the email password.
Correction - Report | Maintenance Cost Detail - Labor and Parts by Order Date:
Corrected a formatting issue with this report.
System Change - Parts Kit - Replacement Date:
When you add a parts kit onto a work order, the replacement date will now default to the Completion Date on the work order if a Completion Date has been defined, or the replacement date will default to the Creation Date if the  Completion Date has not yet been defined.
System Change - Export Text Data - Export Flag:
When you use the File | Database | Utilities | Export Text Data... function to export fuel, payment, work order, labor line, or part line records, FLEETMATE will set an export 'flag' as a default.  That can be used to skip exporting records that were previously exported.  
System Change - EMail Functions - Initialization:
FLEETMATE will now unconditionally force the initialization of the Message, SMTP, and DNS functions within the software whenever an email related function is used. 
VERSION 1.8.141 - DEC 2018 
System Change
- Auto Shutdown - Local Backup:
Modified FLEETMATE to silently run the local backup process if the auto shutdown feature is active and is triggered at a specific time of day.   If the operating system prohibits the local backup process from completing, no diagnostic message will appear.  The Backup Database box must be checked on the General tab under Options | Preferences... in order for the backup process to run.
System Change - Template Modification - Initial Reminder Reset:
Normally when you edit the contents of one or more templates,  FLEETMATE will force a refresh and will reschedule reminders for all vehicles that have been applied that template, including reminders that are 'initial' reminders, where there is no prior service history available for the activity.  A new option on the Reminders tab under Company Data | Company Information and Settings... will cause FLEETMATE to preserve reminders that are 'initial' reminders, while rescheduling all other reminders where service history exists.
- Data Import - Hour Meter:
You may now include the hour meter value for an asset when using the UPDATEMETERBYVEHNO and the UPDATEMETERBYTAGNO import methods.  Refer to the Importing Data document for additional information. 
Enhancement - Pending and In-Progress Tabs - Asset Description:
Added an Asset Description column to the Work Orders Pending and Work Orders In-Progress tabs on the main window. 
Enhancement - Customer Record - Work Order Defaults:
Added "Call When Ready", "Deliver", and Retain Parts" to be used as default values when a work order is created against an asset that is owned by an external customer.  
Enhancement - Customer Record - RO-Invoice Defaults:
When you add a work order to an asset that is owned by an external customer, the default "Call When Ready", "Deliver", and Retain Parts" settings on the customer record will be carried over to the work order as defaults.  You may edit these values on the work order if necessary.  These values will be visible on the Work Order window, as well as the printed RO-Invoice form.  These values will not be visible on a printed work order.
Enhancement - Data Import - Update Inventory:
Added an import method named "UPDATE INVENTORY" to enable you to adjust existing inventory records via a text import.  This import format can be used to adjust the Inventory Type, Status, Base Cost On Receiving setting (Y/N), Qty On-Hand, Item Cost, Expense Type, Markup Type, Markup Value, and Warranty.  You can delete specific inventory items as well.  In addition, when using Avg, FIFO, or LIFO expensing, this function will automatically reconcile receiving data variances to match your specified Qty On-Hand.
Enhancement - Reminders Window - Veh No Search Function:
Added Veh No search feature on the Reminders window to help find a vehicle is a long list of reminders.  If you key a partial Veh No value, the search feature will look for the first match that it finds.  
VERSION 1.8.140 - NOV 2018 
- Fuel Log Dialog - Inventory Checkbox:
The Inventory checkbox setting will now be remembered between sessions.  This is a per user setting.
Enhancement - Security - Labor Billing Rate per Unit:
If security is active in FLEETMATE, a user will need "Edit Work Order Labor Billing" or "Admin Equivalent" permission in order to change the Billing Rate/Unit  field on a labor line.  In addition, Personnel and Customer records can play a role in determining whether the user may edit the Billing Rate/Unit in a Labor Line.  Please refer to the Customer Guide entitled "Security" on the Support page of the FLEETMATE Website for a complete explanation of this this feature works.  Or Click Here
Correction - Inventory - Selling Price:
If an asset was set as owned by an external customer, it was possible (depending upon customer settings) for the parts record to show $0.00 as the selling price.  This issue has been corrected.
VERSION 1.8.139 - OCT 2018 
- Report Viewer - Select All:
You may now right-click in the selection list (vehicles, personnel, inventory, etc.) and click Select All to quickly select all items in the selection list.
Enhancement - Inventory - Receiving Ticket Print:
You may now right-click on a receiving ticket and choose Print Receiving Ticket...  to print the ticket without having to use the Report Viewer window.
Enhancement - Work Orders - Footprints:
The footprints area of a work order will now display the date the work order was last printed and the username that printed the work order.  If you have not activated security, the username will always be "Unknown."  
Correction - Work Orders - In-Progress Print:
A work order that was flagged In-Progress may preview on-screen, but would print a blank page.  This issue has been corrected.
VERSION 1.8.138 - SEP 2018 
- Work Orders - In-Progress Status:
Work orders in FLEETMATE can now be assigned a status of PENDING, IN-PROGRESS, or COMPLETED.  When a work order is initially created, but no labor or parts information is present on the work order, the order will be considered "Pending".  Without making any further modifications to the work order (i.e., no labor and no parts), you do have the ability to manually set the "In-Progress" status to true.  However, once one or more labor lines and/or one or more parts lines are entered onto the work order, the order will be unconditionally set to  "In-Progress".  At that point, the In-Progress" status cannot be changed.  Once all labor and parts information has been entered and a Completion Date is entered on the work order, the order can then be set to "Completed".  The "In-Progress" flag will then be locked.
Enhancement - Reports - Vehicle List - All Vehicles by Location and Department :
Added a new Vehicle List report.

Enhancement - Dashboard - Work Order Status:
The Dashboard feature in FLEETMATE will now show an In-Progress work order count in addition the Pending work order count.

Enhancement - Inventory - Receiving Ticket Status:
When you highlight a receiving ticket on the Inventory window, the system will now display the total for the line items currently on the receiving ticket.
Enhancement - Inventory - "Exp" Column:
The "Exp" column displays the expense method for each stock item.  The expense column will contain "Man" (manual), "Avg" (average cost), "FIFO" (first-in first-out), or "LIFO" (last-in first-out).  When the expense method is set to manual, you will manually manage the cost of the item.  Therefore, it will not be necessary to use the receiving features in FLEETMATE for that stock item.
Enhancement - Database Repair Option - Old Receiving Lines:
As you replenish stock items in inventory that are set to use Avg, FIFO, or LIFO expensing, receiving lines are added to your database.  Over time, these lines will accumulate in your database, including lines that have already been used to price a part.  The Database Repair function will now optionally delete receiving lines that are over one (1) year old, and that have already been used to price a part.  This feature will improve performance when using the inventory module and when replenishing material.
System Change - Labor Lines - Rate/Unit:
If you choose a fleet technician on a labor line,  the Rate/Unit field will now become disabled, to prevent changes to that field.  If a vendor is chosen on a labor line, you may edit the Rate/Unit.  If a technician's rate/unit needs to be changed, you will need to edit the rate/unit on the employee's personnel record.
VERSION 1.8.137 - Test Limited Release 
VERSION 1.8.136 - AUG 2018 
System Change
- Company Information and Settings:
When a work order is deleted, you now have the ability to control whether replacement parts drawn from inventory items will be credited back to inventory.
Enhancement - Main Windows - Dashboard  Tab:
A "Dashboard" has been added to the main window in FLEETMATE. The Dashboard tab will list several fleet status indicators.  The information that appears on the Dashboard tab is refreshed each time you select the tab.
Enhancement - Inventory Reports - Low Stock:
The Low Stock report will now only list items that have a low stock point of one (1) or greater, and that are at or below the low stock point.  This will enable you to set the low stock point to zero for those stock items that you choose not to replenish.
Enhancement - Non-Stock Parts Records - Cost:
As you add a non-stock parts record to a work order, you will now have the ability to record the cost paid for the part in addition to the selling price.
VERSION 1.8.135 - JUN 2018 
System Change
- Billing Options - Text Labeling:
Changed the text on the Billing tab under Company Data | Company Information and Settings... to better clarify the three (3) Inventory Parts Selling Price options.  The billing settings on a Customer record are only in effect if the third option (Bill at Cost for Internal Fleet Vehicles, Bill at Selling Price for Customer Owned Vehicles) is selected.  The first two options are global and will override all other factors.
Correction - Inventory - Receiving Tab:
Corrected an issue concerning Cost and Selling price values following the receiving process.  The customer would have to refresh the inventory item.  
VERSION 1.8.134 - MAY 2018 
System Change
- System Security:
Implemented a variety of internal functions to further conceal certain types of sensitive information that is stored in your database.
System Change - Email - Trace Function:
Modified the software to produce a 'hex dump' whenever the email trace feature is activated.  
System Change - Inventory - Qty On-Hand Adjustment:
In build #133 we eliminated the Inventory Adjustment button on the Status tab of the Inventory dialog, and implemented the function using a right-click context menu.  Due to customer feedback, we have returned the Inventory Adjustment button to the Status tab.  We also left the right-click approach in-place for customers that favor that approach.
Correction - Main Window - Asset Status Droplist:
Found that under certain circumstances the Asset Status droplist would not automatically initialize the list of assets on the main window.  This would require the that user manually click on a status to refresh the main window.  This issue has been corrected.
Enhancement - Import Data Dialog - Copy to Clipboard:
Once a data import process is completed, you can now click a new "Copy to Clipboard" button to write the contents of the log that is displayed to the Windows Clipboard.  You can then past the contents of the Clipboard into most text editors and work processors.
VERSION 1.8.133 - MAR 2018 - Version Update
System Change
- Report Viewer - Maintenance Reports:
Moved all Work Order related reports from the 'Maintenance' report category to a new 'Work Orders' category.  The new xml file is named fm_wkord.xml.  All custom work orders should reside in a file named rd_wkord.xml.  All other maintenance related reports will remain in the existing fm_maint.xml file.  Likewise, there is now a separate report category for reminder related reports.
Enhancement - Work Order - Off-Cycle PM Reminder Completion:
When you choose to complete a reminder off-cycle (i.e., before it is actually due), FLEETMATE will now automatically issue the Parts Kit if one was defined on the recurring task record.
Enhancement - Work Order - Archival Function During Deletion:
When you choose to delete one or more work orders, FLEETMATE will now automatically archive each deleted work order as a PDF document.  The file-naming convention used is VIN-ORDER, so that you can search either by the VIN or by the work order number.  You may vary the folder that will be used to store the archived work orders, and you can choose to turn-off this feature if you prefer.  This setting follows the database, not a specific user.  NOTE: If security has been activated, the user will need read-write access, and they will need permission to delete completed work orders.
System Change - Work Order/Invoice Print Preview Window - Print Button :
If the Print button on the Work Order/Invoice Print Preview window was clicked multiple times in rapid succession, the form would print, but exception #1010 would be raised.  The customer would then need to restart FLEETMATE.  This has been corrected.
Enhancement - Vehicle Details - Parts Usage History:
Added the Price, Order No, and Replacement Date to the replacement parts history list.  This will make it easier to locate a prior work order on which each part was used.
Enhancement - Vehicle Details - Common Replacement Parts from Inventory for a Vehicle:
Added a new feature to the Replacement Parts tab that enables you to select replacement parts from inventory that are commonly used on each vehicle.  This information is made available on the Parts Pick List dialog (note below) to make it easier to pick the appropriate part for a vehicle.
Enhancement - Parts Pick List - Select Common Replacement Parts from Inventory for a Vehicle:
Added a new tab to the Parts Pick List dialog that will list replacement parts from inventory that are commonly used on the currently selected vehicle.  This list is populated by inventory items that have been added to the Replacement Parts tab of the Vehicle Details dialog (see above).
Enhancement - Parts Pick List - Previously Used Parts:
This tab will now display the Mfr Part No, the Stock No (if applicable), Price Paid, and the most recent Vendor for a non-stock part.  When you select a non-stock part to add to the current work order, the most recent vendor will now come over to the Parts record.  If the previously used part is stocked in inventory, you will see the Stock No for that item.
Enhancement - Vehicle Record - E-ZPass Field:
Added the new field 'E-ZPass' to the vehicle record so that you can document the toll transponder ID.
Enhancement - Vehicle Record - Fuel Card Field:
Added the new field 'Fuel Card' to the vehicle record.
Enhancement - Customer Record - Parts and Labor Cost Adjustment Percentages:
When an asset is owned by an external customer, you may now define an adjustment factor that will add a specified percentage to labor and/or parts costs.  These adjustment percentages are unique to each customer record.  The parts adjustment percentage works in conjunction with all of the other factors that determine the selling price of a part.  You may also specify a negative percentage to reduce the labor cost per unit and/or and lower the selling price of a part.  Note that this feature only applies when an asset is defined as owned by an external customer.  For parts, this feature only applies to parts sourced from your replacement parts inventory.
Design Change
- Inventory/Personnel/Vendor - Window Design Change:
The Inventory module will now list all items under the Stock tab without the tabbed pane beneath the list of stock items.  To access the inventory record, you will now double-click the stock item.  You will then have access to the General, Status, Comments, Journal, and Cross-Reference tabs as before.  This was done to offer a more traditional approach to accessing records, and to avoid excessive processing overhead when scrolling through many thousands of stock items.  This same design change was also made to the Personnel and Vendor windows.
Enhancement - Inventory Reports - Usage:
Modified several usage reports to display quantities used to three places of precision rather than integers.
Enhancement - Reminder Completion Window - Sorting:
When two or more reminders are due for an asset and at least one (1) reminder is overdue, the overdue reminder(s) will be listed first for the asset, followed by all other reminders that are due.  This rule applies to all assets listed on the Reminders window.
Enhancement - Main Window - Fleet Assets and Pending Work Orders Tabs:
The FLEETMATE main window now features two new Tabs:  1) - Fleet Assets and 2) - Pending Work Orders.  The Pending Work Orders tab will make it easier to identify and process pending work orders for your entire fleet.  The 'Fleet Assets' tab will list your fleet assets similar to prior releases of FLEETMATE.
Enhancement - Main Window - Asset Status Droplist:
The new Fleet Assets tab on the main window now features a droplist that will list: 1) - All Assets, 2) - Active Assets, 3) - Out of Service Assets, or Retired Assets.  This was done to avoid having to 'hide' certain assets based on their status, and provide direct access to any assets, regardless of current status, without having to leave the main window.  
Enhancement - Main Window - Apply Task Template:
You may now apply a task template to an asset directly from the main window.  This new option appears in the context menu that opens with a right-click.  There is no longer a need to open the Setup Vehicle Reminders window to do this.  However, the apply template function is still available from the Setup Vehicle Reminders window. 
Enhancement - Yard Check Dialog :
When you open the Yard Check dialog to update odometer and/or hour meter values, the Tracking Method chosen on the Vehicle window would determine whether the odometer column was enabled, the hours column was enabled, or whether both columns were enabled for editing.  You may now force both columns to be enabled for edits using the "Enable both Odometer and Hours columns" checkbox on the Yard Check dialog.  This will not affect the Tracking Method that is set on the Vehicle window.
Enhancement - Recurring Tasks/Reminders - Default Labor Units and Default Fixed Price Settings:
You may now specify a Default Labor Units value on each recurring task.  This value will automatically transfer to the reminder.  This will be beneficial if you prefer fixed estimates for various labor activities.  The reminder completion process will simply multiply the default labor units by the technician's rate per unit, providing a labor line total without having to open and edit each labor line.  If you opt to define a 'Fixed Price',  the value that you define will over-ride the technician's default bill rate per unit.  Likewise, defining the 'Fixed Price' will over-ride a vendor's default bill rate per unit if you have defined a vendor name on the recurring task record.  These are default actions that will occur as you complete reminders.  You will still have the ability to amend each labor line on the work order.
Correction - 'Scheduled Reminders Due' Reports - Out of Service Vehicles:
The "Scheduled Reminders Due..." reports will no longer include out of service vehicles provided the "Include Out of Service Vehicles" box on the Messages tab under Options | Preferences... is not checked.
VERSION 1.7.132 - AUG  2017
- Performance - Work Order Search:
Made changes to improve performance when performing a work order search using the toolbar feature.
Enhancement - New Report - Work Order Query:
Created a new report in the "Maintenance" report type entitled "Work Order Listing by Desc - Query".  This new report will enable you to locate work orders by description or partial description.  Wildcards are supported, and you may specify a date range.
Enhancement - New Reports - Out of Service:
Created two new "Out of Service" reports;  one by Location, one by Department.  Also improved the existing Out of Service report by Veh No to include additional columns of information.
Correction - Reminders - Specific Combination of Parameters:
Depending upon the scheduling parameters (e.g., scheduled by usage and days on an asset being managed by both odometer and hour meter), FLEETMATE may not display a reminder as "due" even though the hours value had been reached.  The reminder would simply remain in a pending status until the date due was reached.  This issue has been corrected.
VERSION 1.7.131 - JUN  2017
System Change
- Tire Management - Tire Costs:
When you mount or dismount a tire, FLEETMATE will now create a work order by default.  This was done to ensure that tire costs are allocated to a vehicle and not unaccounted for because a work order was not created.  You do have the option of not creating a work order if allocating the cost to the asset is not important to you.
System Change - Main Window - Moving Work Orders Dialog:
If you have security active and you have FLEETMATE set to only display assets in the employee's department, the Moving Work Orders dialog will now only allow moving work orders to an asset within the same department.  
System Change - Security - Deleting an Asset Record:
If you have security active in FLEETMATE, only a user with administrator rights will be able to delete an asset/vehicle record.  If you do not have security active, any user will be able to delete any asset/vehicle record.  However, an on-screen warning and confirmation dialog all always appear prior to the deletion, regardless of the security state.  
Enhancement - Reports - Tire Usage and Costs:
Changed cost related reports to accumulate the life-time costs of a tire, including servicing/re-treading after the original purchase.
Enhancement - Vehicle Details - Common Replacement Parts from Inventory:
You can now define replacement parts from inventory that are commonly used on each vehicle.  This was designed to make it easier to locate replacement parts from inventory when completing a work order.  The feature is available on the "Replacement Parts" tab of the Additional Details dialog.  Right-click in the "Replacement Parts from Inventory" list to add inventory items to the current asset.
Enhancement - Work Order - Parts Pick List:
The Pick List dialog now features a new tab ("Inventory for Veh No [#####]") that will list only those stock parts from inventory that have been defined for use on the current asset.  This was designed to make it easier to locate replacement parts from inventory when processing a work order.  You will define these inventory parts on the "Replacement Parts" tab of the Additional Details dialog.  See note above.
VERSION 1.7.130 - APR  2017
System Change - Fuel Window - Tab Order:
The tab order on the Fuel Log dialog will now include the Hours field after the Total Cost field, provided the vehicle is being managed by hours.

Enhancement - Inventory Window - Column Settings:
All column width settings on the Inventory window will now persist for each user between sessions.
Enhancement - Data Import - Record Type:
The import processor will now strip-off any leading and/or trailing space characters from the record type column.
Enhancement - Reminders - Manually Completing a Reminder:
When you choose "Manually Complete a PM Reminder" from the Labor tab on a work order, the system will now carry over the fixed price and vendor (if defined) on a recurring task.  This behavior is now consistent with completing a reminder in the normal fashion from the Reminders window.
- Main Window - Work Order Search:
You may now locate any work order in the system using the work order number.  This feature has been added to the VIN, Veh No, and Tag No search box on the main window toolbar.  To locate a work order, choose 'Order No' as your search type, key-in the work order number that you need to access, then press [Enter] on your keyboard.  FLEETMATE will locate the vehicle record, then it will open the work order on your screen.
Correction - Work Order - Print Preview Dialog:
Found that FLEETMATE may not retain the "To:" date when specifying a date range for prior work order history, or for journal records.  This issue has been identified and corrected.  Both "From:" and "To:" dates will now be remembered between sessions for each user.
VERSION 1.7.129 - Sep  2016
- Main Window - New Column:
If you use the "Next Reminder Due" column on the main window, that column will now be labeled "Next PM Reminder".  A new "Next Admin Reminder" will now also be available.  This column will display the days remaining until the next administrative reminder will be due.  A reminder will  be considered 'administrative' in nature if it is not PM (work order) related.  Examples are Registration renewals, Safety Inspection renewals, and Emission Test renewals.  These types of reminders are setup using the Vehicle Details dialog for each vehicle.  To activate this new feature, you will need to click Options | Main Window Columns... and make sure the Vehicle tab is selected.  If you have made changes from the default settings, make certain that you note your changes including custom captions and column order.  This is because we need to reset the column values to their new default settings.  Once you have noted your customizations, click the Reset button.  You can now redefine your earlier customizations, then click Close.  Keep all checked columns grouped together at the top of the list. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Dialog Load Performance:
Implemented changes to improve work order load performance.  In a very large database,  the work order dialog will now load approximately twice as fast.  Typical load time will be < 3 seconds. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Priority:
If the priority on a work order is HIGH (2) or URGENT (3), the text "HIGH" or "URGENT" will appear on the printed work order form. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Email:
You can now send Work Orders and Invoices to customers as well as to employees and vendors. 
Enhancement - New Report - Payments/Fees:
Added a new report entitled "Payments and Fees by Description.  This report will summarize costs for selected vehicles for a specified date range by the description entered on the Payment record.  
Enhancement - Work Order - Print Preview:
The Print Preview dialog will now remember print options settings between sessions for each user. 
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Account Number:
The Labor Line dialog now features an Acct No field that can be used to charge time to an account other than the Acct No entered on the Work Order window.
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Invoice Number:
The Labor Line dialog now features an Invoice field that can be used to note an invoice number for work performed by an outside organization.
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Warranty Information:
The Labor Line dialog now features the ability to specify whether work performed will be warranted for a specific number of days.
Enhancement - Work Order Parts Line - Invoice Number:
The Parts dialog now features an Invoice field that can be used to note an invoice number for material purchased from a supplier.
Enhancement - Work Order Parts Line - Warranty Information:
The Parts dialog now features the ability to specify whether parts replaced will be warranted for a specific number of days.
System Change - Security - Personnel Reminders:
In order for a user to be able to complete personnel reminders, the user must be granted access to manage personnel records.
VERSION 1.7.128 - Jan  2016
- Work Order - Print Preview:
When you choose to print a Work Order or an Invoice from the Work Order window, you will now receive a preview showing how the form will appear when printed.  

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