FLEETMATE - The Better Way to Manage Maintenance
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 Fleet Maintenance Software Benefits
  Maximize Asset Availability


FLEETMATE helps you become proactive with fleet maintenance to keep your fleet assets properly maintained, in-service, and ready for business. 
  Reduce Maintenance Costs


FLEETMATE helps you minimize costly breakdowns and repairs due to neglect.  FLEETMATE gives you PM Reminders when maintenance is due.  That saves your organization money. 
  Extend Asset Life


Proper, consistent preventive fleet maintenance helps you extend the useful life of your vehicles and other fleet equipment.  This can also be beneficial in terms of maximum resale value.
  Improve Operational Efficiency


With FLEETMATE you can reduce your use of paper.  This reduces the effort required to prepare, update, and retrieve physical documents.  And it also helps to avoid misplaced information.
  Accurate Fleet Data 24/7


Respond quickly to inquiries with timely, accurate fleet service and cost information.  With FLEETMATE, fleet information is at your fingertips.

FLEETMATE is used by a variety of companies and
 government agencies across many different industries.
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