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You already understand the benefits of performing preventive fleet maintenance on-time.  The challenge is making it happen.

When breakdowns occur due to neglected fleet vehicles and/or equipment, the cost is high.  Not only the cost to repair the asset, but also the cost of having the vehicle or equipment out of service.  Trying to use a spreadsheet can quickly become overly complex and difficult to manage.  And with physical paper and file folders, finding the documentation you need is often tedious and time consuming... provided it hasn't been misplaced or lost.


FLEETMATE provides you with the functionality necessary to make reliable, on-time fleet PM a reality at your business.

With FLEETMATE, your fleet maintenance history and related fleet information is at your fingertips.  You tailor your PM descriptions, schedules, and service intervals based on your business requirements.  And FLEETMATE adapts to terminology (locations, departments, account numbers, fuel types, etc.) that is familiar to you and your company.  When PM tasks come due, you'll see the information appear right on-screen... for your entire fleet.  Two mouse clicks and a new work order appears, ready for you to document the service and replacement parts details.  Click OK and the next PM reminder is automatically scheduled for that asset.  Quick, convenient, and accurate.


FLEETMATE gives you both simplicity and power.

Fuel, work order, and expense data is available right on the main window.  Buttons and navigation steps necessary to perform a task are minimized.  Need to find an asset in a list of 1000s on the main window?  Click the Veh No column to sort it, and begin typing the Veh No you're looking for.  In seconds you'll have the  vehicle or equipment information you need on your screen.  This is one small example of the time saving features that make FLEETMATE convenient and easy to use.  


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